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What to take into account to acquire a mobile phone

tener en cuenta al adquirir un móvil

When you acquire a mobile phone you have to take into account that you are buying a product that must last at least one year or two. The first big decision will be to choose between Android or iOS, you can revise this article. Once we know which operating system we want, we have to take into account what each device offers us and our needs.

First of all, decide your budget. There are low or mid-range mobile phones, between 15 € or 400 €. If you are interested in having the latest trend, you can opt for a higher range (the top is up to you). Moreover, these mobile phones have the latest technologies and the best quality in the market.

When you buy a mobile phone, look at this

The basic functions that all mobile phones do well are: calling, surfing the web and using social networks. If you invest a little more, you can get a good camera for less than 300€. A bit more if you are interested in having good quality games that works perfectly. And if what you want is playing in another quality league, prepare more than 500€.

If you doubt between several same prices mobile phones, we recommend you to opt for one with quick charging. And if it has wireless charging even better. The quick charging is one of the most useful advances for all types of users. In a very short time you can use a mobile phone that was without battery. And if you don’t need a cable for doing this, you can start to imagine the advantage that it supposes for you.

Although it sounds really good to say that your mobile phone has 4 cameras, don’t let that this fact blinds you. The quality of the photos doesn’t depend on the number of cameras. As an advice, do not spend more money on a mobile phone only because it has 4 cameras. Maybe you could invest that money in a photography course, which will last forever.

In terms of RAM or internal memory, from 2GB to 16GB respectively, are advisable. If you can avoid lower memories it will be better.

The actual trend in terms of screen ratio is 18:9. It seems that it is the one that best uses the front of the mobile phones. These screens are narrower and more manageable.

To sum up, here you have some tips. Check that WiFi is dual-band. Make sure that it has 5.0 Bluetooth. Note that it has a mini-jack port for the headphones. In the absence of that, be aware what it supposes to not have one (the need of an adapter or wireless headphones).