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October 1, 2018
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October 16, 2018
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IP address. Which one is mine?

dirección IP Telecolanza

You probably already know the acronym for IP: Internet Protocol. This IP address is just a number. And this number identifies a device connection.

There are publics and privates IPs. The public IP is assigned by the enterprise with which you connect, and it is usually dynamic. The private IP is assigned inside your private space to each device: mobile, computer, printer… Thus, its device has its own identity.

IPs can also be static or dynamic. As its name suggests, the static is assigned to a device and it is constant. The dynamic varies each time the device or router is connected to the Internet.

What is my IP address

Sometimes it is necessary to know your IP to configure certain internet services. You have different ways to know it, depending on whether you are looking for, the public IP or the private IP.

To get your private IP, go to the network configuration of your operating system. In the heading Net or Internet, look for network properties. There you will find a series of data among which is the IP of your computer.

On the other hand, if you want to know your public IP, use applications. On the Internet there are different pages in which you can consult it. Any of these serve for this purpose: cualesmiip, vermiip or cual es mi ip. It is a free and fast service. In those same applications you can check if the IP is static or dynamic. You just have to check the IP, exit all browsers, turn off and restart the router. Or, if your modem or USB is domestic, you must restart the computer and check again Logically, If it doesn’t match is dynamic. If it matches it is static.