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Android versus iOS

imagen android versus iOS

Android and iOS are the two major operating systems for mobile devices worldwide. Android belongs to Google, and iOS to its eternal rival, Apple. Both systems have detractors and defenders, and probably all have part of the reason. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, but that they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Here we are going to point out some benefits and detriments that each one of these systems has. Each person has their own needs, so it is not possible to value in a generic way which of the systems is the best.

Android and iOS, advantages and disadvantages

iOS has automatic updating, while in his opponent depends on the device. This makes that an iOS device is better preserved as the years go by.

Mobiles which iOS can be executed are only iPhone, and their price cannot be afforded by everyone. On the other hand, Android works on all other devices and the range of brands is broader.
Android system is easily customizable, as this is an open and free system. This freedom is reflected in the applications and in the mobile interface itself.

The animations that we found when using the device in iOS are more fluid than those of Android. This makes the user’s experience more visually pleasing. This is just a nuance, but it achieves to conquer those who try iOS.

Android allows having several apps open at the same time. The negative part is the battery consumes quickly.

Thanks to this, events, forums and all kinds of proposals are constantly being generated. There is also a large community in iOS, although there is no numerical comparison.