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Some interesting facts about Internet. Part II
March 13, 2019
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The Internet turns 30 years old. Most relevant facts.
March 26, 2019
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Apps for kids

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Today we are going to put the spotlight on the youngest of the family. Those who need the most our attention. Recently, we published one article addressed to the elderly people. , and, this time, we want to talk about the other range of age.
Often (almost always), the youngest manage the informatics devices better than us. This fact doesn’t mean that we should not pay attention to them. The most important is that we know the content they have access to and that we share the connection with them. It means, playing sometimes with them or give them some advices, other times, only observe them.

Apps for kids

Mon el dragón TV Kids. Resulting from BabyRadio, a radio, which content is exclusively for the young ones. It offers all kinds of games, lessons and a 24h radio, of course.

Aprende las emociones (Learn about the emotions). It is a free game included in the “Game tree” (El árbol de juegos). This latter one you must pay, although it contains much more games (18 in total). Suitable for kids between 3 and 11 years old.

Libro de colorear (Book for coloring). I could not miss an application to have fun coloring. As a curiosity, not only children are the ones who download this application. There are many adults who relax and have fun coloring.

Instrumentos musicales (Music instruments). Of this type there are many similar applications. Music is an element which attracts a lot of children. In addition, it serves to make them interact with their environment and develop their abilities.

Caillou: juegos educativos (Caillou: educational games). A recognized character is always a guarantee to attract the attention of kids. And if it is associated with didactic games, it is the ideal association that parents want. In this way they manage to catch the kids attention and make them enjoy quality content with which they also learn.

Primeras 100 palabras en español (First 100 Spanish words). Learning a language, the sooner we start the better. This App helps our kids to start learning Spanish in a fun way.

Tangram. This application is for children a little more grown up. It requires certain spatial vision and manual skill that younger children have not developed yet.

iCuadernos by Rubio (Notebooks by Rubio). The updating of the notebooks we have known for many years. A digital way of accessing to its content, very didactic for children over 6 years.