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The current use of mobile phones
November 26, 2018
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It is very important for SMEs has access to the Internet
December 12, 2018
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Future applications of the mobile phone

usos futuros del móvil

Today, we would like to focus on the future applications of the mobile phone. If you have not read our last article, in which we talked about the current uses. Although for many people this current use could also be a future one. Each one has its own time and sometimes we discover some applications when they are already in the market and tested.
Probably you can imagine other future applications and, we would love you share them with us. Those we point out are some of them, that within no time, our devices will offer us.

Main future applications

As a substitute for the keys of your house or car. Having your phone you could directly enter in your house or even the car. In a not distant future, it would not be necessary to carry with so many elements.
As an identification device. Substituting both the D.N.I. and the driver’s license or even the health card.

From them, other applications using the same kind of technology can derive. For example, everything related to the identification of the subjects in any place or platform.

Systems that will incorporate the next mobile generation

Some of the systems that will open an incredible field of action are the following:

Flexible screens. They are not far away, screens that can fold over themselves or simply fold; they have already been presented in different forums. With a little bit of creativity you could use this innovation in many ways.

Holographic screens. Holograms we know due to the then futurist Star Wars they are getting closer to our day to day.

Artificial intelligence. Thanks to the machine learning a device can learn from its own mistakes. In this way, if the first time it makes a mistake, in the next it corrects his behavior. This is already being developed; it will not take long to apply this in our mobile phones.

Ease in recharging batteries. Research is being done to find ways to charge the battery in a very short time (seconds). Sunlight is the key element to make this that looks like a dream.
The future applications of the mobile phone can make our lives easier. And you could take greater advantage of the systems that are being developed.