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Useful APPs for teachers

APPs para docentes

The organization of teachers doesn’t fall behind, they are permanently updated. As any other working environment, digital devices are more and more used in teaching. This does not mean that individual persons or the traditional teaching methodology are being put aside. We just have a wide range of possibilities and we can use them depending on our interest.

In such way, depending on the approach of the teacher some of these apps will be very useful in the class.


Apps to be used by teachers


Attendance. You can easily control the attendance with this APP.


Class Dojo. It facilitates a direct contact with children’s parents, apart from controlling little one sheet.


Trello. You can organize all your tasks. This APP is also useful for other careers.


Class. This APP is a tool which allows the students to have the phone in class, but not using it to play games or using different apps. Thanks to it, they must pay attention to what the teacher demands. Through this APP the pupil can interact with the whole class or with certain individuals.


Thinglink. A dynamic way to share content with your students. From images or videos, interactive contents are created.


Adobe Scan. Its usefulness is very wide-ranging, it allows to digitize and easily have available all your documents.


Box. It is a storage place of up to 10GB. This serves to share documents with the rest of the class.


Socrative. This APP is useful for keeping an on-going assessment of students. The students can join the teacher’s class and there they can do different questions, games or reports.


Remind. With this name we can already imagine what this is for. This tool allows a direct communication with students and parents. Its main function is to establish and remind tasks and exams or project delivery dates. They will be available both for children or their parents.