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March 26, 2019
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Article 13 approved, now what?

bandera europea artículo 13

If you have not heard about Article 13, you have probably been disconnected from the news last months. Depending on the source, you will verify that there is a sector against and another in favor of this article. This is a particularly relevant point of the reform of the Copyright Directive of the European Union. Its purpose is to protect the rights of authors on the Internet with a renewal of the regulations that favor them.

We do not pretend to position ourselves in favour or against; we are simply going to tell some facts. From there you must come to your own conclusions. But obviously, the best is you read the EU directive.

Notes about article 13

The focus is on the platforms. This way, hold them liable and responsible for their own content. It focuses especially on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (all of them belong to Google).
It forces these platforms to track their content to check that it complies with the copyright conditions. It protects the creators who will be remunerated for the spread of their work.
Some people think that the rejection of this article is due to the manipulation coming from the big platforms. And they are the most affected at first.

There is some fear regarding the creation or dissemination of “memes”. It is a false alarm. The law itself excludes works of parody from the protection of copyright. So, both “memes” and “GIFs” could continue in our lives without fear of being attacked.

Because the law has to be adapted to different countries, there is a 2 year margin for it definitely enters into force. For the moment, we have to start assimilating that what has been announced as the most important change in the European network of networks in recent years will happen.