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November 13, 2018
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The automation is a reality: connected houses

domótica casas conectadas

Automation is no longer a new word. There exist automatic systems for home installations since the 70’s. In less than 50 years the technological advances have served to conceive different houses in specific aspects. Automation implies a data gathering and an action as an answer to this information. That means we can now have much more comfort, security and control. Houses that have an automated system are called Smart houses or connected houses.

The range of what can be achieved through home automation is enormous. From simply having some cameras that you can control from your mobile phone to have absolute control of the house. Everything is possible, it is a matter of considering what you want to achieve and how much are you going to invest.

One of the elements that have contributed to this kind of advance is a WiFi connection. Through it, we can conduct operations with several devices without needing cables. On the other hand, the Internet allows we can have from a long distance the control and a huge range of operations available.

Facilities provided by home automation

Programming and zoning of the air conditioning. There is no need to arrive home for it to be at the comfort temperature you want. Moreover, depending on the orientation of the house and of the specific room, each one of them has its own thermic behaviour. Zoning allows a different treatment of each zone, so we obtain a more efficient system.

Illumination and household appliances control. Different inclination of the blinds depending on the sun’s position. Windows opening, launching of different household appliances… All these can be connected to a weather station which will advise about the wind and the rain.

Surveillance system. Being able to have access to the different cameras or tapes at any moment and from any place are some of its benefits. In addition to safety reasons, we can check if our pet is fine too.

Smoke, heat or leak detection. Other installs can be linked to this system so you can detect water or gas leaks. And if, unfortunately, a fire is starting, there also are heating sensors or smoke detection that can give the notification.
As you can see the benefits of automation are infinite. ¿Will you give it a try?