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February 25, 2019
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March 13, 2019
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Big data

imagen Big data

It is likely that you have heard in the last months (or years) about the famous Big data. There are many other ways to call it: data intelligence, large-scale data, bulk data or big data. In the end, data. Specifically, these data sets are so complex that they require non-traditional computer applications to be able to handle them.
What are revolutionary about that are the endless applications that can be carried out thanks to how you dispose the information. The analysis of the data is combined with businesses to extract a value. This value can have different forms, so the results can be improved in different ways. Economic savings, speed, adaptation of the answers to the needs or control, among other aspects.
The information contained in these data bases go beyond the texts and numbers. They can also contain photos, videos or audios. They are all disposed in an ordered way so the data can be treated in the way that interest.

Big data uses

Main operations done based on these big data are the following: registration, analysis, interpretation and, finally, decision making. It is the logical process followed by the agents that treat this data, always taking into account the ultimate purpose: to decide and improve through these decisions. Although there are people who are against the data handling on a large scale, its benefits are multiple, and thanks to it, our day to day is greatly improved. Some fields where big data are applied are: healthcare, traffic (road, maritime and air), e-commerce and even sports. Of course, the area of telecommunications is not exempt from the use of massive data.
Finally, the Big Data also has its negative side. On one hand, it is necessary that a person review the results obtained, since meaningless connections could be established. On the other hand, the most negative part is the well known risk related to the privacy of citizens.