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Crazy APPs for boring people

When we say crazy APPs we are talking about those we don’t understand they exist. We already know that almost everything we think about exist as an APP. Although that doesn’t mean they are useful. We could do a non-ending topic, but we are going to focus on those which caught our attention.

We have already talked in other articles about useful APPs for teachers or for Halloween. Today, we bring you some crazy APPs, which you can use during a down time for killing the boredom. Obviously, we are going to put the pragmatism aside to focus on leisure.

If you get bored, take a look to these crazy APPs

Lighter free. We start with an APP which proves that since long time ago we can get crazy APPs. Having a lighter is a useful thing. Having an image of a lighter in your phone is not. Especially having a lantern which is more lighting. If we are benevolent we can describe a single utility: people using their lighters in concerts without the risk of burning the person who is next to them.

Hold the button. Is there any more ridiculous competition than checking who holds more time by pressing a button? Thanks to this application you can measure your degree of boredom, according to other people in the world.

Coin flip. Ok, it is very useful if you want to bet on heads or tails and you don’t have a coin. Is this something usual in your life? Doubtless, if you referee in any sport you can use it at the beginning of each match. But being honest, it is really worth it to use an App only for that?

The Most Expensive App. Finally, we do not recommend this APP. We talk about it only as an example about the height of absurdity. An APP that cost 349.99€ and it is completely useless. It only shows you a diamond. So you can show off you spent that amount of money meaningless.