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E-commerce grows in Spain. Online Stores are here to stay

comercio electrónico en España - e-commerce grows in Spain

The importance of digital devices and digital media in our everyday life is unquestionable. That is why e-commerce grows in Spain and more and more people trust in online sale platforms, making e-commerce skyrocket.

The reliance in these kinds of sale contracts has increased over the years, making people use the electronic payments without complexes. These systems facilitate users the acquisition of products and companies the sale of them, in a mutual benefit way.

E-commerce grows in Spain again

According to the study made by the National Commission on Markets and Competition (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia or CNMC in Spanish), the growing of the e-sector is unstoppable. In the second quarter of 2018, commercial transactions made through the internet grew by more than 27%. In the same period of 2017, around 7.338 million Euros were paid, widely exceeded by 9.300 million Euros during 2018.

Although the figures are made thanks to large multinational companies, there are numerous small companies that develop their activity thanks to the numerous internet tools that are now available for many professionals.

Most benefited sectors

Some sectors have been more affected by this e-sales growth. Travel agencies and tour operators, air transport and clothing are the most benefited. It is also remarkable, the growth of gambling games and online bets, of which are talking so much lately.

E-commerce future

Without a doubt, online transactions are here to stay. That is why it is importantthat companies learn to adapt themselves to the change and start offering their products through the internet. Not every business can sell online, but at least they should provide information about them and how to contact them. It is essential that companies provide facilities to their potential customers, and the internet is the easiest way to reach them.