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Kids’ Communication Festival “El Chupete”

Imágenes Festival El Chupete

The Kids’ Communication Festival El Chupete is soon going to celebrate its XIV edition. Taking advantage of the fact that the inscription period ends the 25th September, we would like to dedicate an article about it.

In the first place, this is a kids’ international communication festival, which has been held in Valencia since 2005. That is to say that the main communication projects directed to an underage public come together.

Its purpose is to reward the best creative projects which are directed to a child audience. It was born with the intention to recognize the responsible communication and to create a reflection forum.

El Chupete is an independent festival and it is supported by several recognized brands and people. The framework within El Chupete feels the needed to be created is the following: The information society in which we live and the actual changing speed of life. Not ignoring or attacking communications that don’t take care about child’s audience, this festival highlight the positive ones. Values such as creativity, game, family, friendship, innovation or responsibility define it.

Like a curiosity, Miss Letizia, the Queen of Spain, was named honorary president of El Chupete in 2014.

Awards in El Chupete

These are some of the prizes given the last festival edition:

– The best children theatre play “Coralina y el libro de los sortilegios” (Coralina and the book of spells)
– The best children advertiser “Parques reunidos” (a Spanish international entertainment operator)
– The best children’s character “Lady Bug”
– The best TV cartoon series “Scream street”
– The best children’s communicator “Los payasos de la tele” (TV clowns)
– The Grand Graph Prize for the “First kids’ catalogue made by kids”
– The Grand cine/TV Prize for “Braves are wanted”
– The best idea prize for “Stopbullying”


To look up the complete list you can visit us in este enlace.