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Have peace of mind with our CCTV cameras

cámaras de vigilancia

Having CCTV cameras installed provides benefits from different points of view. In this article we are going to look into this statement and show some cameras that we have installed.

According to Eurostat and several experts, we are having a period of tranquility in regards to safety. Certainly, we can be satisfied that in the last 10 years crime rates have dropped.

On the one hand, the CCTVS are useful in order to shoo potential criminals. When they see an installed camera, they know there could be more of them, and the possibilities of being identified by them are high. Thus, it serves as a ‘’scarecrow’’ for the thieves.

When the delinquents are careless and they do not notice the cameras, this is where their second role comes in. The CCTVS serve as a voice of alarm to the law enforcement in order to let them act in consequence. In the case of there not being a detention, the cameras can still be used as identification of those who have broken the law.

The last of the benefits, but not less important, is the one regarding the user. Those who have CCTVS installed in their home have more reasons, in addition to the functions described previously, as they do it for theirs and their family’s peace of mind.

Not only homes

The CCTVS are not only for homes, they are useful also for business or some public spaces which could need them. They have various utilities: highlight scams or fake reports, appeal fines, keep an eye on staff, and other facts in close relation with control and verification. Insurance companies usually work with the images captured by these cameras. They can save a big amount of money for the company or the individual.

In TelecoLanza we install CCTV cameras. You only have to ask us and we will study which option is the best one for your particular situation.