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The importance of emojis


First of all, we should make the difference between emojis and emoticons. We have been using both of them since not so many years ago, although they historically have precedents from practically the beginning of time. In any case, these elements belong to communication in the digital era.
The emoticons appear before and they are a kind of resources that express an emotion through characters and icons. The next step was the creation of more detailed little images which described the emotions in a better way. These images are what we know as graphic emoticons or emojis. Although there is still some nostalgia and there are still many people who continue to use emoticons.

Why do we use emojis?

Emojis users defend that thanks to them, they can express the emotions in a more accurate way. Their use is universal, so people from different countries quickly understand the emotional state of the interlocutors. These icons were born to compensate some shortcomings of the written language: facial expression, tone, body language… That is the reason why their usefulness transcend the purely anecdotal, as we might think a priori. And more, considering the large proportion of digital communication that currently exists in comparison with face-to-face communication.

In the case of companies, they often choose to include these communication elements. The reason is because they have better acceptation by the public, so the enterprise wins in popularity. Moreover, they contribute to a more human approach, because they directly connect with the emotions. They have even crossed the digital barrier. In certain offline advertising campaigns, emojis has also been used, opening their field of action beyond digital borders.

While a suitable and a proportionate use of emojis is well received by the general public, it is also important to control their abuse. A bad combination of emojis or an exorbitant use of them can easily change the receptor attitude. Thus, you can get a negative effect on the interpretation of the message.
Finally, we don’t know if sooner or later, other elements to substitute them will emerge. What we do know is that emojis already belong to the public imagination of the current generations.