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December 7, 2018
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It is very important for SMEs has access to the Internet

internet para PYMES

Every SME, in every sector, needs to have access to the Internet. The kind of sector affects on the way of using the connection, but there is always some application that improves the normal functioning and/or the productivity.

This article from El País has given us something to think about it. The fact that nearly 1 million of SMEs have no Internet seems incredible to us. It is already shocking that in 2018 a company does not have a website. If they also do not use the “network of networks” in their activity, sure they are taking less advantage of their work.

And we do not just talk about the importance of the positioning of the SMEs so their clients can easily find them. The use of applications (often linked to the Internet) increasingly facilitates the work for these enterprises. Tasks such as internal and external communication of the company, control of mileage or remote management of the business. These APPs can also improve the way of working because they allow sharing files or even coordinate the team.

Internet for all kind of SMEs

Even in a priori less technological company, the Internet can improve the productivity or the connection with customers, for example. It is about improving what was already being done, changing or expanding the way of doing it.

For example, imagine that advertising was done so far through brochures and posters. With the use of the Internet, the public that can be reached could be exponentially expanded. And also, directing the message to whom, according to statistics, is more susceptible to consume.

All the work that has been done with paper documentation can now be transferred to a digital format. This saves on paper, staff and time.
To finish, you know your business better than anyone else. It is sure Internet can help, although you do not know how. Let yourself be advised by professionals, sure they will be able to give you different options so you can choose what is most interesting for you.