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January 4, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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Innovations in mobile phones in 2019

móviles en 2019

In 2019, mobile phones will be in line with last year ones. The need of the companies which work with these devices about selling them at a more rapid pace makes they have to use all their creativity. It is about implementing new features so consumers will want to change their phone.

Some of the improvements that will be extended during this year were already being implemented in 2018. It will be during 2019 when they will be consolidated as a trend. If you want to go ahead the market and know what is coming, you just have to keep reading.

What will mobile phones have in 2019?

This current year, mobile phone devices will have the following innovations:

5G. This will be the first year when mobile phones with this technology will be in circulation. The main problem is that there are not 5G networks working, so it will mainly be used as a publicity gimmick, not as a relevant improvement.

Notch. The debate is open. It is not a new element, but 2019 could be a decisive year to know if notch wins out or it will definitively be put aside. It has many detractors, but there still are some models that have it in its more reduced version. It is a way of grouping the different sensors in the upper part of the screen, in order to take even more advantage of the visible surface. At this point, it can be observed that the option of making minimal perforations in the device could replace the notch.

Foldable phones? In 2018, a prototype has already come out, but surely this will be the year when the big brands take out their heavy artillery. Another question will be whether or not it is hosted or if the investment it entails is worth.

Better cameras. If we already have cameras of a quality that until recently sounded like science fiction, this year, they will be better. The improvement of the software will make them compete with SLR cameras.