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October 9, 2018
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Some interesting facts about Internet. Part I

curiosidades internet en Telecolanza

There are so many interesting facts about Internet that we will publish this article in several parts. Form historical facts to current ones. Information about the largest global connection network has always aroused interest in people with concerns. Whether historical references or current facts, it is useful to use curiosities at the beginning of a conversation. It is important to consider that any information related with figures or statistics data is going to be constantly modified.

Some curiosities. Part I

Over the last 3 years, the 2 passwords more used were 123456 and Password. It is reasonable if we consider that we are talking about the most used ones, thus the personalized passwords cannot be extended to many people. Others also very used are: freedom, starwars y iloveyou.

Since 2001, Saint Isidore, the patron saint of Seville, is the patron of the Internet. The Pope, John Paul II, established it because of the knowledge and information that this sanctified bishop arrived to compile. Etymologiae, considered the first world encyclopedia, was written by him.

More than 50% of the world population is already connected to the Internet. In 2018, we are more than 4 billion people. As you may have guessed, the trend is upward.

Countries with the highest percentage of citizens with internet access are the following: Catar, Arabs Emirates and Kuwait. A 99% of their citizens have this privilege. While less than 1% of the citizens from North Korea or Eritrea have Access to the network.

We usually raise a web page as content stores. That is why the case of this page is curious, whose only interest is that it is blank. It is probably the least useful web of all existing ones.

The first delivery of curiosities will continue in the coming weeks. Follow us on social networks to be aware. In addition, we will love that you share with us other curiosities that you know and we have not named.