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The Internet turns 30 years old. Most relevant facts.

historia internet 30 años

The network of networks turns 30 years old. The last 12th of March was its anniversary. Web pages, Google or social networks have not always existed. To be more precise, it is the World Wide Web which started in 1989. That is to say, the place where web pages are located and connected. Internet already existed since 1982, and its beginnings long before.

Relevant facts from the last 30 years

Since 1989, a lot of things have happened and we would like to pay tribute to it, reviewing the most relevant events:

1989. Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web.

1993. Mosaic appears, the first web browser.

1994. The first banner promotes art museums. Amazon was born too, the major online shop which we would not understand the world nowadays.

1996. The first mobile phone with internet connection enters the labour market. Yes, it was a Nokia, the brand which no one knows where it is now.

1998. The largest web browser appears, it will later become in much more than that.

2001. Wikipedia, the big collaborative encyclopedia started its activity. It keeps making easier our lives everyday.

2004. The web 2.0 arrives in our lives; that means the social web. Since that moment blogs, tags, wikis and social networks emerge. Mark Zuckerberg starts Facebook.

2005. Another of the most globally popular social network was born. Youtube shows its first videos to the world. Do you remember the world before it?

2010. It is right, even it seems that it has been with us our entire lives, Instagram has not a decade yet.

2016. The world Internet traffic arrives to the billions of Terabytes. What seemed a young tool, not many years ago, has become in the most universal one.

The growing of the three W has no limits. Thanks to the Internet the international trade has discovered a huge gate in the last few years. The number of users keeps growing and the range of ages using it constantly increase. The generation of business around the Internet is bigger than ever. It seems that these first thirty years are only the beginning of something that has arrived to stay in our lives.