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April 2, 2019
Pay as you go contract in Lanzarote that you activate & disactivate
April 30, 2019
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We launch new tariffs

nuevas tarifas móviles

From the beginning of the month, we have new tariffs at Telecolanza. We are pleased to be able to offer the best tariffs in broadband & telephones in Lanzarote. Which we would like to maintain. As of the 1st of April 2019, we have the best mobile tariffs in Lanzarote. Come and see us in our shop in Tias, Avda Central 25, Tias or call on 928 096090, we can give you all the information you require either in English or Spanish.

All new clients will be able to enjoy these new offers for mobiles, and for our existing customers, whom we have notified in advance, of the improvements made on their mobile tariffs. They have not had to request any modification; we have directly applied the improvements to their contracts.

You can be sure that when we make improvements to our services & tariffs, you will benefit from them.

Not only do we wish to gain new clients, but also just as important for us is to look after our existing customers.

The tariffs can improve in two ways: price reduction or offering better service. In this case, depending on the tariff, we have made the necessary changes. If you are asking yourself, what are the improvements we have made, you can see them here.

What do the new tariffs consist of

These are the changes, which you can now find in our mobile tariffs:

The 3GB tariff with unlimited calls was 12.68€ per month now 9.27€ per month, IGIC inclusive.

The 5GB tariff (also with unlimited calls), maintains the same price, but we have increased the data to 7GB.

The 20GB with unlimited calls was 25.45€ per month now down to 18.64€ per month with IGIC included.

Don´t forget to follow us on our social network pages, to keep up to date with our offers. Above all remember to share this information, with everyone you know. You know how it is, if something is good for you, share it with those close to you. Thank you for being part of Telecolanza.