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LiFi tries to replace WiFi

imagen LiFi luz led

LiFi is not in its full swing yet. It is a technology that has been under investigation for less than 10 years and it has not been optimized yet. LiFi is the short for “Light Fidelity”. As you might have guessed, it is a wireless network, which uses the light as a vehicle.

It can achieve speeds of up to 100 times faster than WiFi. Led light bulbs will be the signal station from where our devices will receive the signal. An imperceptible signal for our view. That is why the installation will be invaluable.

Why LiFi is not in our homes yet?

Even its advantages are numerous, it still exists some limitations when using it in real life. To fight against these limitations we need to keep working on it development.
We have proved that this technology largely exceeds the Wifi speed in the laboratory. The problem is when we try it in real conditions, where we couldn’t achieve the results obtained in the lab.

Unlike the WiFi network waves, the light cannot cross opaque elements. That means if some opaque elements intervene between the sender and the receiver the signal decreases a lot. This is a major limitation.

As you might ask yourself, if this technology works with light, what happens when we are in the dark? You are right, this is the main inconvenient. Without light there is no connection. This is the main point of this technology’s development. When a solution is found, Wifi time will be over. At the moment, there is an alternative studio running which uses infrared light.

If you make several connections through the same sender, it could saturate. This is of no small importance if you take the consumer point of view.
Although there is still a lot to develop yet, it is sure that it wouldn’t take so long until we will hear about its installation in our homes.