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February 14, 2019
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March 5, 2019
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Older people and APPs

Older people are increasingly connected to the Internet. Although at the beginning there was mistrust, the mature audience already accepts the network of networks as its own.
There are many applications aimed for them, we will see some of them later. Besides having a practical utility, in the case of the elderly, they have other benefits:

They serve to keep them more active. As much as they say, online entertainment is as valid as offline. Our brain is stimulated very well with games, besides being fun.

They can be sanitary applications. There are many APPs that serve to control different health issues. The management of medicines is a very recurrent issue and certain APPs resolve. And even contact professionals if necessary.

They extend their social life. The contact with friends and loved ones through the different social networks is more immediate. The distance is no longer what it was, and their world takes a turn to suddenly approach relatives who are many miles away.

Ultimately, they help to make them more autonomous people. By not depending on others, they face the day to day with more determination and can enjoy more of their lives.

Some applications for older people

Help me. This APP is very useful for any audience: it serves to quickly contact any emergency service if necessary.

Juegos de memoria (memory games). It is a very valid application for any generation, although it is specially designed for the senior population. Keeping the brain awakes means they can enjoy better the day to day.

Medisafe. This way they will be able to manage their own medicines, even telling selected relatives if they have not taken any.

Radio. Tune into their favorite station is something that our elders surely appreciate. Being able to carry a radio anywhere without the need to carry a device.

We finish with a relevant data. Guess what is the most used application by the elderly? Whatsapp.