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Computer Systems Housing Services

asistente del hogar informático

Housing management softwares occupy an increasingly significant place in our lives. Recently we talked about home automation, something that just a few years ago only appeared in futurist films. This time we would like to focus on the computer systems that manage all the housing services.

If we can point one aspect that defines these services is the artificial intelligence. That is to say, their lifelong learning ability. With these systems, you can perform endless possibilities. Making a call while doing another activity. Be informed about the weather or about the most important news. Controlling the temperature or the lighting of the house rooms. Being aware about what you have programmed in your daily agenda. Even buying presents or daily products. And if you use a little your imagination you can think about applications that are going to be available in the market soon.

The biggest enterprises related with technology offer this service. Of course, Google could not be missing nor does Amazon. Although they are not the only ones working in the computer systems housing services.

It seems that the voice-activation of certain devices is going to end (or at least greatly decrease) in a few years due to the manual activation of the housing applications.

It is possible that you mix up the housing assistant software with the device. That is why; we distinguish both elements in the hereafter list. So we make the difference between the assistant that you could find on a web page, operating system or a specific household appliance. While the physical device is the connection between us and the software.

Main housing services

In the list you can find the biggest enterprises working with these products, in this order, the assistant (software), the company and the device which you interact:

• Assistant. Google. Google Home.

• Siri. Apple. HomePod

• Alexa. Amazon. Echo.

• Cortana. Microsoft. Invoke.

• Bixby. Samsung. Galaxy Home.

We would venture that in the next stage the different assistants will be concentrating on only one device. Or maybe two large teams with similar services are created.