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Take more advantage of your mobile phone’s battery

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Battery’s phone runs out quickly. Sometimes, too much. Because we use the device for so many apps, we facilitate the battery’s quick termination. That is why it seems a good idea to have different options and ways to take full advantage of the battery.

Preliminary considerations concerning current batteries.

Current batteries are not affected any more by the memory effect. That means we don’t need to wait the complete discharge of the battery to start charging it again. This phenomenon happened to the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries, but now with the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries it doesn’t happen anymore. What we do have to take into consideration is not to allow the battery be discharged too much (around 20% is right).
Having the mobile phone charged and plugged it shouldn’t damage the battery. Current phones detect if the battery is full charged. In any case, longer the phone is unnecessary plugged, more possibilities that any accidental damage occurs we have.

The battery doesn’t degrade by the number of times it is charged. If it does with the time of use.

Even if you prolong the charging time, using the mobile phone while it is plugged in does not harm the battery.

Charging the phone through a computer or other device that is not directly the electrical network is longer. Being USB ports with less power than chargers, the charging time increases.

Options to extend battery life

– Configuration options. Some options that extend battery life are: Lower the brightness of the screen, reduce notifications and updates of different applications, and deactivate the GPS location.

– Maintenance. As we have indicated before, charging the battery when it is over 20% of its energy, not waiting it is completely exhausted.

– Applications. Closing applications that are not in use. When they are in the background they also consume. Therefore, it is advisable to close them up and not waste the energy of your phone.

– Connection. When possible, you should disconnect the different connections (3G, 4G, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). All of them involve high energy consumption.

Finally, there are always other external options. Bringing the charger with you, another extra battery or a powerbank (external wireless charger). Although is not always easy and economical to have any of these possibilities.