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November 20, 2018
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Future applications of the mobile phone
December 7, 2018
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The current use of mobile phones

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The uses of the mobile phones have not always been the current ones. At the beginning, (almost) everybody remembers that we used them only to make phone calls. Sending SMS was an advance that came a bit later.

Nowadays, the uses of our mobile devices are multiple. Calling other people has been put in the background. We can do so much with our mobile phone that has become the current Swiss Army knife. Actually, it is much better than the knife. The amount of existing applications means we can use our phone for (almost) everything.

The phone was born to facilitate the communication. First of all, its first use was being able to talk. Eventually, we could send and receive SMS, just like that instant message through other platforms: whatsapp, Facebook, telegram, line…

Some current basic uses

– Watch. Many people have abandoned the wristwatch because there is a watch in the mobile phone. What is more, it is about a watch with much more included applications: alarm, timer, chronometer… Just to mention an inconvenient, the mobile phone’s battery is much easier to run out, not as the wristwatch battery.

– Flashlight. Although it is advisable to have one when you go camping, the current phone can substitute it in the workaday.

– As camera. Both photos and videos. Even has substituted those cameras which only have this function.

– Calculator. For little complex accounts, it is better to be sure with a calculator. The problem is the calculator only serves to do mathematical operations. The mobile phone has this application among many others. That is why we count on it instead of a calculator.

Other current uses for the mobile

– Listening to the radio or music. The headphones have become in the perfect complement to this activity.

– Managing e-mail: For long e-mails it is not practical to do it with the phone, it is always almost better to use a computer. But for reading or sending short e-mails we can do it from our mobile phone, we don’t need another device.

– Using social networks: Both, publications and revision of our friends’ content. It is very practical to interact with our mobile phones; moreover, it serves as an entertainment in waiting moments.

– As GPS. If there is a useful type of applications is the one that serves to locate you and to guide you to where you want to go.

– For playing. As you can guess there are all kinds of games and for every taste. Since 3D games to other easier ones, including word or numbers. Elder and young people can enjoy a game that suits them.

-Make certain payments: In the near future, I am sure that the payment possibilities of the different purchases or activities will increase enormously. In any case, nowadays it is already possible to pay in specific situations.
-Endless applications. The listing could ever end. As a sample, we leave some examples: recorder, electronic book, checking the weather, browsing the web, scan, and remote control.

We are talking now about the current uses; we will talk about future uses of the mobile phone in another publication.