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August 3, 2018
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August 8, 2018
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We need to free up space on our mobile phones

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Freeing up space on the mobile phone. A constant need for many people. It is also a continuous problem which repeats frequently.

It is true that mobile devices have ever more storage capacity. And it is also true that photo files and video files have better quality and take more space. And so, we find ourselves in an endless loop: there is more storage capacity and also more need. In Spain, the weekly average of photos taken with the mobile phone is about 20. And the video average is about 6.

We are sure you don’t find strange the next data: at least once a month, the 34% of Spaniards run out of space on their mobile phones. And a 45%, once each three months. This information has been taken from a study conducted by SanDisk (Western Digital).

More details about the SanDisk study

– When freeing space is needed, a 51% prefer to eliminate a nice picture or a video.

– When deleting files, a 24% choose to eliminate a picture of their friends rather than one of themselves or their relatives or animals.

– A 38% delete data once a week and a 74% once a month.

– The 71% of interviewees is very worried about the loss of their files, either by theft or malfunction. And a 46% has already experimented some important photo or video loss.

– Only a 26% back up their files once a week. Up to 15% never back up their files.

It follows from the report the importance of the data backups. There are plenty of ways to do them, both manually and automatically. Whenever you have important files is essential to have a backup copy. You never know when your phone is going to stop running. And it is unlikely that you lose 2 or more devices at the same time, although it is possible too.